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We know our niche and we know exactly how to focus on the essentials – to provide additional value for You.

The market grows - and we are ready!

IAM gets popular more and more. In the past only big companies and organizations took their chances in that area but today it also became an important topic for the middleclass. The need of qualified and reliable partners in implementation is growing constantly. This is why we exist: 4 Rivers – Your consulting agency that combines Best Practice with Your requirements. Get to know us.

Zum Berater
Johann Belau

Hello! My name is Johann Belau.

I have been employeed for ten years as a solution architect by the IAM-producers One Identity and Omada. So I noticed that there can go many things wrong while doing projects: They can take much more time and mony as planned. According to this dissatisfaction I found the 4 Rivers GmbH: a specialised consulting agency with experienced consultants an network of experts that support and guide You to implement Your  projects successfully -  of course within the planned time schedule and budget!

IT-specialists, we are looking for You!

The branche is booming, our agency grows and grows. That is why we are looking for You, dear IT-expert. You have exactly that specific Know-how that we need to fulfill our customers' needs! Do You want to work in a young and motivated team that appreciates Your expertise? Contact us! We are looking forward to meet You.

A permanent employment with liberties.

We belive that true motivation is the basic requirement to implement the costumers' projects succesfully. This is why it is our main value to equip our employees with the right things to grow personally and professionally. That includes:

  • an eased Work-Life-Balance.
  • the opportunity to work remotely - in home office or from Bali.
  • flexible times of work to use Your full potential.
  • part-time work that fits Your phase in life.
  • a great salary.

You want to grow with us? Send Your application to Steffi Belau: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Listen up newcomers!

Be brave and show us how clever and technically skilled You are - even without an IT-university degree (or similar) . We will provide a qualified train for You and show You how to benifit from that profitable branche. After a few months You will already work with us on our projects. Participating is worth it!

+49 (0) 6131 6240255